When it comes to e-commerce, user experience holds a lion’s share of your revenue. Users expect an intuitive and effortless shopping experience across all devices. We focus on delivering an experience that binds the customers to your brand. 


  • Logistic and operational processes are the key component to fuel proactive online sales. Depending on your needs, HWC will help you optimize existing logistics and operations in the most cost-efficient manner to deliver on your eCommerce promise. Besides, with our holistic approach, we provide expertise in finding infrastructural and tech solutions to set up and run effective and agile supply-chain operations. 


  • Customer expectations of business are constantly growing. Customers will leave your online store to the dust or e-march towards it depending on how well you deliver on their ever-increasing expectations of a smooth and comfortable journey. We source our expertise to help you improve on your brand's promise by guiding you through the entire process of designing User Interface and Experience and creating a smooth payment experience for your customers. When doing so, we start preparing for Web/App development in the planning phase, so that our team of experts can think through how the site will be built.


  • The E-commerce website and/or App development process is overseen by a Technical Project Manager who is in close communication with you and keeps the timeline, budget, and work quality on track. The Project Manager oversees the work of various development teams and brings the latest updates to keep you informed. 


  • Data can be leveraged to improve business processes, boost customer experience and make informed and cost-effective decisions. Online selling allows you to collect first-hand data by tracking customer interactions. Through this, you’ll have a constant feedback loop of actionable insights to improve business processes. To that end, we provide you with tech solutions that will enable your business to strive and grow - CRM data integration, KPI project definition, configuration of web analytics, conversion funnel analysis, and data modeling are just a few of the tech solutions at our disposal to be harnessed for you well. 


  • Marketing will either break you or drive your business growth. Our service encompasses an audit of your current marketing plans and activities to provide you with key takeaways. Additionally, we are here to assist you in creating media plans and marketing campaigns. We also provide service in designing model processes for Sales Funnel, and recommendations for necessary analytical tools (Customer Acquisition and Retention), CRM, among others. On top of that, we will assist you in the development call center scripts.


  • As part of the development process, we provide testing to ensure your e-commerce website/App is ready and steady to go. Testing allows us to check your web/app performance, reliability, and security and confirm it meets initial benchmarks.


  • This is the final stage to ensure you’re up for running an e-Commerce business and your team feels competent to handle everything from adding products, to applying discounts, to administering returns. Once you are ready to run and drive it, we launch the Web/App to let you grow your sales.