Digital is fundamentally and rapidly altering the competitive landscape in many sectors. Digital is an enabler for the business to accelerate growth and reach unknown sectors and segments for acquisition. The reality is that even though you might not subscribe to change, the ecosystem in which your business is embedded is constantly reinventing itself. To that end, what matters is not whether you change or not, but how you choose to change your business. Oftentimes, businesses view digital as their end-goal, but in reality, it is intended to be the tool that complements your initial business strategy. The best digital strategies are designed by asking the right questions and gaining insight with regard to existing business processes and procedures, benchmarking competition in the market, assessing where you would want to be and how to get there. 


Throughout your digital transformation journey, Hello World Company can serve as a guide and to adopt the right digital strategy that channels technological enablers to your business. Here is what digital strategy building looks like at us:


  • The key to building the right digital strategy is your basic business model. A business’s use of digital cannot be examined separately as it is an integral part of an organic whole of how your company runs and where you aspire to be. In the very first phase of digital strategy building, HWC works upwards from the basic business model and inspects four aspects of your business - business strategy, operations and value chain, the ways you engage with your customers and how you structure your organization. By examining these, we identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie and where digital can serve you the best to materialize your aspirations. 


  • The world where your business is located is constantly changing and so do the customer expectations follow. It is vital to identify how your competition is shaping up your customer expectations and where the niche is that you can take up. With mapping your competition, assessing their business and digital strategies and analyzing consumer behavior, we identify the opportunities for you to stand out and grow.


  • Speaking of digital strategy, the business should never neglect a consumer’s point of view. And this is not just giving a fast solution like building a Website or an APP, it is about examining every aspect of customer behavior, building personas and drawing insights what they really need and what they would barter to get it. At HWC, we do our homework and research your audience, but beyond that we do testing for you to build an initial proof of concept for your digital strategy.


  • Now that we are past intelligence gathering, the job is only halfway done. The main component is to connect the dots - your business aspects and aspirations, opportunities in the marketplace, customer needs. We devise a step-by-step roadmap for you that identifies how to get things done and what are the milestones to reach. We know that adopting digital strategy especially for legacy companies is more than overwhelming. To aid that, our digital roadmap features a detailed change execution process.


  • When speaking of digital transformation, we do not speak of machines and technologies without bearing people in mind. At the end of the day, it’s your management and employees who run and drive your business. We also know that adapting to change is quite a process that takes people to come out from their comfort zone. Bearing this, we go through each and every aspect of your digital strategy together with all the stakeholders in the company and empower them to take upon change. We stay at your disposal at all times to answer your and your employee questions and provide guidance.


Can you imagine a modern world without social media? And because of this tool, so many opportunities are ahead. Generally, Social media marketing is used on social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This involves publishing great content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging with your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements. The major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat and so on. And all of those platforms actually have different features to target potential customers. Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. Your customers are already interacting with brands through social media, and if you're not speaking directly to your audience through social platforms you're missing out! Great marketing on social media can bring remarkable success to your business, creating devoted brand advocates and even driving leads and sales. The best thing about social media is that you can experience a desired result without wasting a lot of money.


  • Strategy is a must! At HWC we believe that tactics and steps in the planning process are crucial.  The first step we will take with your business is to perform research and develop your strategy. We will do a competitive analysis, develop a buyer’s persona, and define an effective content strategy. We will also develop advertising strategies and funnels for your campaign to show you the roadmap to success. Social media is best to target your customers, so align it with your strategy is an important thing to take into consideration.


  • Once you agree on the strategy we develop, we will start execution. Engaging content is important, and double your sales. Our team cares about each post and thinking about it accurately. We will develop social media content and advertisements unique to your brand, using all the features and tools available to us. For quality assurance, this content can be prepared in a monthly content calendar that can give us a better roadmap. You will have an opportunity to review and approve before anything goes live. Setting up a whole article or a post in accordance with strategy and branding with photo, video and copy is a key to develop engaging content.


  • Competitors are important, because of them we see ourselves, where we are and what we have to do to take a competitive advantage. Completing a market analysis of your service areas and industry will give us a possibility to better understand the market and your place on that map. It is meaningful to find local competitors which are currently outperforming you in audience size and engagement, based on findings, our team will analyze the situation and action plan. At HWC we care about branding, so we are going to analyze content and messaging that performs well in your industry.


  • Everyone is interested in results, so at HWC we care about the efficient allocation of your financiers. Tracking and optimizing your audience and reaching them properly is the main task for us, moreover, looking at engagement rates, leads and click-through-rate is important to take into consideration.  Campaigns are constructed carefully to deliver the best outcome at a lower expenditure.  We pay attention to creating custom audiences that best target your company and brand. Also, reporting and improving paid social ads.