Each netizen produces 7 million bytes of information per second. This amounts to five quintillion bytes of data in a day. We collect this data on market, competitors and consumers behavior via multiple sources and channels to design and improve your digital marketing strategy. Utilizing and analyzing data enables us to choose the right targets and build relevant channels. What matters with regard to data is to turn it into a right and timely feedback that will enable you to grow your revenue. As a result, data helps you to materialize your business goals in the best possible manner. 

Data can be leveraged for fuelling a goal-oriented marketing strategy. We collect the right data from every available source - first-party data, previous campaign performance, existing databases, competitor research, customer behavior analytics, among others – to identify challenges, determine your unique position in the market, distinguish your primary audience and build channels of communication. Data-driven analysis, discoveries and key recommendations are presented to you in the form of an audit that features: market and customer 360 approach, market and customer behavior predictive analytics, data visualization.


Identifying market trends and your competitors allows us to locate your unique niche and leverage advantages for designing tailored digital marketing activities. Deep-dive into the data enables us to segment audiences, understand their needs and challenges. Through extensive audience research, we identify what drives them, so that we can efficiently get you connected and engaged with them. In the end, we plan customer acquisition strategies and device cost measuring.


Market and customer research enables us to identify the most cost-effective communication channels. At HWC, we run audits on the existing customer base to enable and activate dormant customers. Once we know which channels are the best to get you connected with your audience, we build digital campaigns and project campaign results and cost per channel to source the best-fit recommendations to you.


Socio-economic and political factors as well as market and consumer trends result in changed reality for your business approach. What matters the most is to identify the future based on current factors. Data monitoring gives us a timely indication of these changes. We monitor data in real-time for you and provide key takeaways with regard to market positioning, audiences, channels of communication and digital campaigns. At HWC, we believe that the best data is visualized data and we care to present the outcomes with the best design possible.