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Digital Marketing

Throughout our existence, we have planned and managed dozens of digital campaigns - political, social, sales oriented, brand awareness focused and etc. Oftentimes, digital campaign management is oversimplified, but if you function across multiple digital channels, it is quite a laboursome process and if poorly done, might mislead you towards bankruptcy. At HWC, we take digital campaign management very seriously and professionally. We provide planning and management services across multiple platforms and tools. Below, you can find some of the channels we offer to manage for you:



Can you imagine a person, who has never searched anything on Google, before going to shop? Help potential customers find you on Google. As a digital marketing agency we offer search engine optimization services to help your website rank for the keywords most important to your business. Every day, millions of people search for the products or services you offer – we make sure they see your website when they do.

Meta/Google ads   

At HWC we care about your goals and approaches, so we decide to launch advertisements based on your needs. It is crucial to know what will be the goal of a campaign. Will it be for awareness, for engagement or for leads?  If you want something more cost-effective than Google Ads, social media is a brilliant solution. We can create hyper-targeted ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok and the results will definitely meet your expectations. 

PPC ads


At HWC we know that efficiency is a key, and all activities have to be done properly. Our mission is to deliver the best possible outcome with least financial support. Target your ideal search phrases and get found at the top of Google’s search results. PPC allows you to get immediate results and as a certified Google Partner, we are able to get your ad words campaign up and running in no time. Start optimizing your Ad Words campaign today.

Email marketing

Looking for a cost-effective way to grow your business? Our team helps your business stay top-of-mind with your prospects and existing customers by sending custom newsletters.  We know how to target your audience with relevant keywords, to grab their attention. We will build a segmented Email list and convert your website visitors into subscribers. Creating Follow Ups can increase the open rate, so we carefully structure it, in alignment with company goals. 


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